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Airopress 3D Knitted Spacer Compression Bandage

In cooperation with the University of Bolton, Baltex has developed a novel Single-Layer 3D Knitted Spacer Compression Bandage System intended to replace current multi-level bandage systems.

Airopress excels in its function of providing long-lasting compression without being as bulky, as uncomfortable, and as difficult to apply as other multi-layer bandage systems.

3D Spacer Technology makes excellent air circulation, sustained compression, and equal and uniform pressure distribution possible, thus eliminating the need for additional bandages such as a padding bandage.




Airopress Benefits


Bandages for the Use in Compression Therapy

Compression therapy treats venous insufficiencies by applying external pressure. In order to achieve the level of compression necessary to counteract conditions such as venous leg ulcers, bandages need to fulfil the following criteria:

- Good resilience
- Compression and stability
- Retention of the graduated pressure
- Desirable pressure profile

Airopress fulfils all of the above criteria. On top of that, it offers further added benefits owing to the yarns used in its production and its textile construction.



Textile construction: Polyester and Lycra XD Spacer Fabric


Airopress Properties


Effective Compression

 Airopress pressure profile in comparison to other commonly used compression bandages

Airopress Pressure Profile

XD Spacer

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