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Gloving, Lingerie and Bridal

Gloving, Lingerie and Bridal

Located a few miles away from Derby’s historical silk mill, the first successful silk throwing mill in England, Baltex continue to create textiles with natural fibres such as silk and cotton. Since the Second World War, the use of silk in the world has decreased, partly due to the appearance of new chemical fibres such as nylon. However, silk, with its own natural beneficial properties, remains a very popular and luxurious product throughout the world especially for the gloving and lingerie industries. The world now recognises the move back to natural fibers has a much lower environmental impact than synthetic plastics.

Baltex count several silk fabrics in our product range.

We offer for example:

- Tulle nets

- and Silk Tricots

Silk offers various properties:

- Thin, light and soft fabric

- Naturally Lustrous

- Naturally resistant and strong

- Naturally moisture wicking

- Naturally Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

- Naturally repels mold and mildew

- Naturally thermoregulating (warm in winter, fresh in summer)

- Absorbs colours well

- One of the most agreeable fibres in the world

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