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Mesh fabrics

Mesh fabrics

In addition to plain fabrics and Spacer Fabrics, we also offer a wide range of Mesh fabrics. Compared to plain fabrics, mesh fabrics are recognised for their stability, strength and breathability. However, if you are looking for a stretch material, a mesh might not be suitable for your needs.


Possible treatments

Depending on your needs, many properties can be achieved. Several treatments are available, such as:

-          FR (Flame retardancy)

-          Fluorocarbon (water-repellency)

-          Antimicrobial / Antibacterial

-          Wicking agent

-          Resin

-          IRR (Infrared Reflection)


Meshes can be used in many different industries. They can suit the needs of the:

-          Military industry (security nets, camouflage nets, protective vests…)

-          Healthcare industry (lifting slings…)

-          Automotive industry (rubber reinforcement…)

-          Aerospace industry (rubber and silicon reinforcement…)

-          Furnishing industry

-          Sports protection industry

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