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Baltex Mission Statement

We are the UK's leading producer of knitted fabrics in the technical textiles sector and a key player in the European marketplace. We develop and design high-performance textiles and fabrics for a number of industries, including aerospace, military, medical and sports. Please keep reading to see what Baltex’s mission statement is.


By pursuing innovative solutions from all our members of staff, we provide a unique customer focus where every employee can help achieve our customer's requirements. We believe that there is no better way to help us develop and improve our designs, and ensure satisfied clients. Collaboration is key and products should not be designed in a vacuum, away from the crucial advice and criticism that clients provide.

Through high levels of customer service and great attention to detail, we have proven ourselves as the favoured supplier in a number of industries. We intend to build on these strengths and whether for a new or established customer, small or large we pride ourselves in giving you a level of service you would be proud of yourselves.

Versatility and adaptability

Ever since we found success in the 20th Century by taking the decision to change our production focus from ordinary clothing fabrics to specialist materials we have valued adaptability and versatility. We had to switch entirely to digging up coal during the First World War to support the country during the energy crisis.

These principles have allowed us to expand, adapt and thrive in an always-changing industry over nearly 200 years. You can see these principles alive in our current product diversity; we manufacture products for the aerospace, medical, military and sports industries. Our products never vary in quality and design excellence.

Innovation and passion

We are always amazed by what new uses and qualities we can discover and develop in the materials we produce. Passion and dedication drive everything we do, and we hire technicians and designers partly based on their enthusiasm and zeal for pushing the boundaries of textiles.

Today we are continuing to innovate, keeping up with the latest developments in highly technical yarns. We work closely with both suppliers and customers to find new and exciting applications for materials with high-performance properties.

Often a customer may only provide us with physical characteristics that they require and we will design a fabric to meet those criteria while carefully monitoring the costs. Some clients are more involved than others but we can work effectively with clients of all kinds to make something that will meet all requirements.

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