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EU Referendum


Date Posted: 24 Jun, 2016

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We feel sure by now that you will have heard the result of the United Kingdom referendum on remaining within the EU, and that result is now officially confirmed as being in favour of our leaving the EU.

W Ball and Son Ltd (Baltex) has been in existence sine 1831, and clearly over that period of time has seen many political/economic and social changes and challenges. The company has however managed to meet those changes and challenges, and with regards to the news of today concerning our withdrawal from the EU, we again feel confident in being able to address, and ultimately fully support all of our customers.

We would like to point out to all of our customers, that whilst having our manufacturing operation here in the UK, we also have our EU operation Baltex/Gedeon based in Łódź, Poland. In Łódź, we mirror our UK fabric manufacturing, and follow the same fabric specifications, and under the strict control of our combined ISO 9001 qualification.

It is also the case that free trade will continue for the next two years. We therefore feel that if there is any immediate issue that may come out of today's news, Baltex feel equipped and confident in being able to support our customers.


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