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The Ultimate Cut Protection


Date Posted: 21 Sep, 2022

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The Ultimate Cut Protection

Baltex are happy to present you with a new weft knit cut, tear and abrasion resistant fabric NPD 326. Our NPD 326 is fully qualified for the highest performance slash protection for those at risk from knife attacks and workplace injury.

It has proved its endurance in the most stringent test method stipulated for such products and applications and gives greater protection than vests commonly used by police, armed forces and security personnel.


- anti-slash properties
- lightweight
- breathable
- soft
- elastic
- comfortable for the user for long periods of use

 NPD 326

The innovative material is made from UHMWPE, GLASS fiber and polyester.

Key Applications:

- Slash resistant clothing (security, police, prison workers)

- Cut resistant clothing (glass, sheet metal, automotive workers)

- Bite resistant clothing (professionals working with vulnerable children, adults

- Public transport cut resistant seating

- Clothing for animals

- Furniture transportation 

 NPD 326 sweater

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