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ISO 9000 Technical Textiles

Quality Statement | ISO 9000 Technical Textiles

An adherence to quality

All of our products, regardless of their application, are thoroughly tested and checked both during and after the manufacturing process to ensure that they will meet our clients’ requirements and all safety legislation. Due to the protective nature of some of our fabrics and the products some of them are used in, such as body armour and aerospace seals, it is even more essential that Baltex fabrics be held to the highest possible standards before they are sent to clients.

We adhere to quality to make sure that safety standards remain high, but also to win over new clients who will only accept the highest possible standards of quality and safety in their textiles. This focus on quality has improved our design and production methods, and has resulted in several satisfied clients.

ISO 9000

All Baltex fabrics are produced in accordance with our ISO 9000 quality system, which was first approved in 1993. To see a copy of our current certification please download ISO CERTIFICATE.

Quality policy

The company's primary quality objectives are to:

  • Consistently produce merchandise in strict compliance with the customer’s requirements, as contracted in terms of specification, description or formal instructions whilst adhering to the relevant legislation, British, European and International Standards (including ISO 9000 -2000).
  • Set Key Performance Indicators which will be reviewed at the Quality System Review, with the aim of making year on year improvements.
  • Support the company’s manufacturing facilities with all the necessary equipment, resources and training to achieve the required levels of compliance.
  • Win quality approval of new customers and become one of the UK’s leading specialist knitted fabric manufacturers.
  • Strengthen the prospects of W Ball & Son and all its employees through its ISO 9000 quality system. Quality is the responsibility of everyone and for the ultimate benefit of everyone in the company.



A policy is no use if it is not adhered to by all staff and it is a part of the duties of every manager in the company to ensure that all staff in his or her department are fully aware of the quality policy and of their responsibilities in connection with it.

All employees will be given a copy of the quality policy which is on display on the main noticeboard in the factory.

"I endorse the contents of this manual and require all personnel to make full use of it".

Signed Managing Director

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