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SARK Protection: Protective textile for demanding applications

SARK Fabric and Protection

Rising knife crime in the UK means that the need for robust slash protection fabric is even more essential for law enforcement and security officers. Police and security personnel will benefit from the enhanced protection of SARK.

Baltex are happy to present you with a new product we have added to our range of textiles. Introducing SARK TECHNOLOGY fabric, the latest answer to the question posed by knives. Extensive and comprehensive testing has resulted in a product that is designed to keep personnel safe from the dangers of slashing.

It has proven its endurance in the most stringent tests stipulated for such products and applications and gives greater protection than vests commonly used by police, armed forces and security personnel. SARK meets the requirements of HOSDB 48/05 Slash Resistance Standard for the protection against knives.

SARK protection benefits at a glance

- Anti-slash properties
- Lightweight
- Breathable
- Soft
- Elastic
- Comfortable to the wearer for long periods of use
- Can be produced as collars or sleeves to sew directly into garments offering protection where needed

Unique SARK protection

The innovative material is made from special yarns which are some of the strongest available. The novel two-layer structure of the material prevents the fabric from being cut when exposed to slashing. The special fabric structure also gives it an elastic property which makes it perfect for professions where speed and manoeuvrability are essential, such as in the police.

In addition, SARK ANTI-SLASH textiles show a similar slash or cut resistance performance when tested on both faces, in spite of the fact that two completely different yarn types were used on the two faces.

Construction of the fabric and yarns used 

- Spectra®

- Glass and Polyamide

- Stainless steel core with wraps of Dyneema® and polyester

- Different compositions of Kevlar® (Aramid)

What distinguishes SARK from comparable fabrics?

In comparison to other anti-slash materials SARK fabric is relatively LIGHT and therefore much more COMFORTABLE TO THE WEARER, especially when worn for longer periods of time. With SARK, you do not need to choose between protection and maneuverability, because Baltex recognises that both are essential to your protection. Another distinguishing feature is its SOFTNESS which further enhances wearer comfort. Protection is essential, but comfort and flexibility can make the day to day use of this fabric feasible in the long run.

If you would like to receive any advice on an upcoming tender, or wish to find out more about our SARK PROTECTION TEXTILE please feel free to call us on +44 (0)115 932 2403 or use our online contact form.



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